Nigel Williams Managing Director

Nigel has extensive intelligence, investigative and corporate security experience having worked in both public and private sectors, including UK counter terrorism and global aviation operations.

He moved recently from the Aviation Sector where he led Virgin Atlantic Airways’ global security operation, managing complex security risks and threats to this well-known and popular corporate brand. He represented the industry on the National Aviation Security Committee and was the first chair of the Civil Aviation Industry Exchange, a joint UK government and industry intelligence sharing group.

From 2006 he was engaged in counter terrorism operations for the UK Government. He established an extensive network of contacts and is known for breaking down the intelligence barriers between Governments and Industry. Latterly, he spent 3 years in the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) providing advice on a variety of thematic threats to the highest levels of government, the intelligence community, law enforcement and industry in the UK and overseas.

He was an Officer in the British Army with 25 years of operational experience retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Nigel is experienced in the collection and analysis of timely intelligence from multiple sources. He has a reputation for delivering actionable intelligence and complex security solutions in high-risk locations around the world.