Mathieu Boulègue Associate Director

Mathieu started his career as a director and partner for a risk management consultancy firm in Paris. There, he worked on corporate intelligence cases, due diligence, and geopolitical risk analysis related to Russia, Ukraine, and the Former Soviet Union for the public and private sectors.

He then worked for Chatham House as Senior Research Fellow with the Russia and Eurasia Programme. In his research, Mathieu specialises in Eurasian security and defence issues, focusing on Russian foreign policy and military affairs, Russia-NATO relations, Russia-China defence and security relations, and Arctic affairs.

In addition to his activities with Audere, Mathieu is a Consulting Fellow with the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House – The Royal Institute of International Affairs as well as Non-resident Senior Fellow with the Transatlantic Defense and Security Program at Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA).

Mathieu speaks fluent French and Russian. He graduated from Sciences Po Toulouse in France and holds a master’s degree in International Conflict Studies from King’s College London. He is based in New York City.