Majd Shafiq Business Development Manager

An Arab public policy and capital markets expert, Majd held several positions in both the public and private sectors.  These include serving as Executive Chairman of a Jordanian investment banking firm, Commissioner at the Jordan Securities Commission, Member of the Council of Commissioners for Sukuks, Senior Advisor to the Dubai Financial Market, Senior Capital Markets Consultant to USAID, and Head of Direct Investments at an investment firm.  He is a Board Member of the Amman Stock Exchange and Chair of the Risk Management Committee.

Majd advises clients on corporate finance and capital market issues, Middle East economies and political structures. His clients include investment funds, international financial institutions, public and private shareholding companies, regulators, exchanges, depositories, and financial service providers.

Majd’s areas of focus are strategy and competitive analysis, debt and equity markets, IPOs, collective investment schemes, corporate governance and disclosure.