Majd Shafiq

An Arab public policy and capital markets expert, Majd held several positions in both the public and private sectors.
Peter is an Asia specialist who has spent 12 years studying and working in China.  For 6 years he was at the Ministry of Defence and Foreign Office.

Serena Chiang

Serena is a Research Analyst at Audere International. Fluent in four languages and proficient in complex data collation and dissection, Serena is responsible for

Ned Jacobs

Ned has an on-the-ground knowledge in Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe and the Middle East having spent an extensive amount of time in these regions.
Oliver brings a wealth of Africa knowledge where he spent ten years building and managing mining, security and logistics operations.

Monika Rihma

Monika has worked in the public and private sectors, including government service and at PwC, investigating political, commercial and security risks.
Charles founded Audere International in 2015 as a specialist commercial intelligence and investigations company.
Teagan leads Audere’s research team and case manages complex due diligence and investigations assignments.