Sir Tony Brenton has dealt with Russia at a senior level for the past 25 years. He served twice as a senior British diplomat in Moscow.
Sir David Wright has over 55 years’ experience in Asian affairs. Fluent in Japanese, he spent 36 years in HM Diplomatic Service.
Lady Olga has developed relationships which are key to businesses with over 35 years experience in security and governmental activities.
Matthew spent 23 years in the United States Foreign Service serving throughout the MENA region.
Chris spent 28 years in HM Diplomatic Service in senior management positions dealing at high level with a variety of complex,

Tom Gaffney

Tom has a wealth of knowledge in the financial services industry. In the past 30 year he has advised executive boards of multi-nationals,
Alan has profound experience as a senior executive, entrepreneur and advisor focused on complex growth markets, especially in Asia.