Last week Audere International CEO Charles Blackmore and Senior Advisor Lady Olga Maitland attended Bosphorus Summit 13 in Istanbul, where Lady Olga gave the following speech regarding Turkish-NATO relations…
The current military conflict in Ukraine has caused significant disruption to the world’s economic affairs. In the past couple of days, we have identified the most notable developments in Russia that will affect global and regional business communities.
On 09 March 2022 Audere International was live on Sky News. Monika Rihma, Director, Head of Russia, CEE & CIS, discussed Audere's operations in Ukraine.
I had thought he was a rational actor. If he is not, then we should take his nuclear threats seriously.
Despite the threatening image it presents to foreign investors, Russia is surprisingly well-suited for foreign direct investment. According to a recent survey, the country ranks eleventh in FDI attractiveness among European countries.
Russians have a bracing midwinter tradition of cutting a hole in the ice and plunging into the icy water beneath. That is what has just happened to US/Russia relations.