Surveillance Surveillance relies upon identifying patterns of behaviour.  Our assignments regularly require covert surveillance operations to establish intelligence on a target.   Counter-Surveillance Such operations are complex, especially in urban environments with a bigger team mix of mobile assets and operatives on foot.  The purpose of counter surveillance is to detect if surveillance is being undertaken […]
Audere provides discrete, effective Executive Protection (EP) in UK and abroad for CEOs of high-profile companies, High Net Worth Individuals and clients facing risk or threatening situations.  Our operatives are former military or police trained and adept at working overseas with local EP expertise on the ground.  The local teams work with our international operatives providing requisite […]
Our security teams work with Clients to help identify security risks and implement plans to address them. We conduct a security review to assess the overall situation and determine the level of risk associated with any issues.  The provision of intelligence as ‘soft security’ is integral in our operating procedures for an effective security strategy. The […]