Supply chains are inherently vulnerable to fraud due to their global reach. Given the complexity of the operating environment with the involvement of third parties, and the sheer volume and scale of transactions.  The perpetrators of such fraud unwittingly leave traces which our investigators can detect.  We can investigate suspected issues within the supply chain […]
The cost of fraud and financial crime to businesses and High Net Worth Individuals is growing every year.  Our clients commission Audere to help detect the crime and provide the intelligence that assists in recovering funds.  This involves utilising experts in computer and mobile phone forensics, working with legal and compliance teams, and managing the […]

Asset Tracing

Some corporates and individuals go to great lengths to hide their assets offshore or behind complex legal structures.  Our skilled investigators pierce opaque ownership veils and uncover Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) by identifying and exploiting imperceptible clues.  Clients can rely on this intelligence for leverage in negotiations, arbitration and in court.
Legally admissible evidence is the cornerstone of a successful litigation case.  Audere works closely with in-house and external legal teams to provide the essential intelligence and evidence for shaping the tactics and negotiations in dispute resolution cases.  We offer an alternative to costly litigation by identifying intelligence which can help negotiations and avoid protracted legal […]