We assist clients before and during an M&A deal by collecting the sort of intelligence, beyond routine legal and financial checks, that is invaluable to their negotiating position.  This exposes less obvious transactional risks including undeclared vested interests, the tendering syndicate’s connections and strategy, as well as price-sensitive information. 1. Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) […]
Foreign investors are vulnerable to the less obvious ‘local rules’ in emerging markets, especially first-time investors.  Audere’s research goes beyond generic country risk reports to include: Mapping key stakeholders Exposing areas of corruption most pertinent to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Conducting competitor analysis Highlighting sector conditions and trends Assessing the local security situation Analysing the […]
Combining intelligence from a broad range of confidential human source (“HUMINT”), public record and open sources (“OSINT”) research. We expose the true backgrounds of individuals and corporates to identify ‘red flags’ and hitherto undisclosed information. Our findings are critical to informed decision-making. We uncover issues which otherwise would cause our clients legal, regulatory, reputational or […]