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Surveillance & Counter Surveillance


Surveillance relies upon identifying patterns of behaviour.  Our assignments regularly require covert surveillance operations to establish intelligence on a target.  


Such operations are complex, especially in urban environments with a bigger team mix of mobile assets and operatives on foot.  The purpose of counter surveillance is to detect if surveillance is being undertaken against the Principal or their own surveillance operatives. 

Frequently these days the criminal fraternity, media, stalkers, celebratory followers and protest groups can be identified early by Audere‚Äôs counter surveillance operatives.  

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure (TSCM) Inspections

Clients need safeguarding against acts of industrial and corporate espionage, theft of intellectual property and the loss of proprietary information.  Audere will design protections, safeguards and inspection protocols that match the threat.  

Our technical surveillance counter-measure (TSCM) specialists will assess vulnerabilities, find bugging and eavesdropping devices, and help identify who may be behind the targeting of sensitive information.