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Cyber Security Advisory

Cyber security is a daunting process for many; it is too technical, time consuming and can be expensive. Knowing which provider to choose in a congested market is challenging.

Audere acts as an independent ‘middleman’ for our clients, recommending the best and most suitable company for the job at hand. We support the client through every step of the process, adapting the technical language into a description that can be easily understood. Below are some of the services we offer.

Dark Web Intelligence

We search within deep and dark web portals. Penetrating beyond the overt results of standard search engines, to identify sensitive information about businesses and individuals commonly exploited by cyber criminals.

Penetration Testing

A deeper review of a company’s cyber security defences as our technical experts simulate a cyber-attack. This service challenges your defences, ensuring that you are suitably prepared in the event a hacker targets your company. There are two types of Penetration Test’s:

  • Web Application – Identifying misconfigurations or security vulnerabilities in your website and/or web applications.
  • Infrastructure – Identifying weaknesses that cyber criminals can exploit in your operating systems, network services, network devices and other targets.

Cyber Security Training

Businesses can have the best systems in place, however, if its users are cyber incompetent, the defences are futile.

Our experts provide online and/or face-to-face cyber security training, including phishing simulations, aimed at enhancing the security awareness among individuals in a business.

Manual Vulnerability Assessment

Cybercriminals probe companies’ defence systems to identify ‘easy’ targets. Audere’s Manual Vulnerability Assessment provides a quick, easy to understand snapshot of cyber security weaknesses within a business, considering the risk profile of the company.

We provide actionable recommendations that will enhance your security, making your company a less likely target for criminals.