Monika Rihma on Audere’s evacuation & aid capabilities in Ukraine

On 09 March 2022 Monika Rihma (Director, Head of Russia, CEE & CIS) discussed Audere’s operations in Ukraine live on Sky News. The link to the video can be found here.

In the past two weeks, Audere International and its Ukraine Team (Monika Rihma, Oliver Blackmore and Nikita Gryazin) have successfully evacuated Ukrainian nationals from Kyiv and delivered more than a ton of medical and food supplies. The operation is ongoing.

Should anyone require any assistance evacuating key personnel we are standing by to assist.

Contact: [email protected]

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Audere International Ltd has been operating in Ukraine since the outbreak of the war supporting businesses, charities, and NGO’s to safely allow personnel to conduct work related activity in a contested environment. Recently we delivered in excess of £70k worth of humanitarian supplies to Mykolaiv. (Click on title or image to read more)
This is the first of Audere’s three-part series of strategic analysis on the war in Ukraine. This month we look at the tactical and operational military aspects of the conflict, the different objectives of Kyiv and Moscow, and the evolution of the war as winter starts to impact operations.