Leading Business Intelligence Firm Audere International Hire Nigel Williams as MD, Former Lead of Global Security Operations at Virgin Atlantic Airways. 

London-based commercial intelligence and investigations company Audere International has hired Nigel Williams as Managing Director to oversee the growth and expansion of the global business. 

Nigel is a corporate security specialist, counter terrorism and aviation security commentator, and former Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army.

A veteran of both Gulf Wars, and with operational experience in East Timor, Bosnia, and Northern Ireland, he spent 10 years as a counterterrorism officer with the UK Government and overseas, including advising at Cabinet Office level on a range of security and counterterrorism matters. 

Most recently he led Virgin Atlantic Airways’ global security operations and represented industry on the National Aviation Security Committee and the Aviation Security Strategy Board.

Through his 35 years of military, government and corporate experience, Nigel has attained a reputation for delivering timely, actionable intelligence matched with complex security solutions in high-risk locations around the world. 

We live in a world where the pace of change is accelerating ever faster, and with it the range of threats that a business might face; timely, accurate and informative intelligence helps you stay ahead of the risks and have the right mitigations in place ahead of time. 

Companies like Audere inform your decision making with rapid intelligence collection, expert analysis, and insightful assessment. We pride ourselves on getting that hard-to-find intelligence in tough operating environments through our extensive network of human sources, going beyond the data sets to find the things that really matter.” Nigel Williams, MD at Audere International Limited.

CEO, Charles Blackmore, said “We are excited by the talent the company is attracting as we develop a reputable brand in the field of business intelligence.  Nigel is a major hire who will diversify our client base, and we look forward to working alongside him and benefiting from his experience.”

Through his career Nigel has established an extensive network of contacts and is known for breaking down the intelligence barriers between governments and industry.

Audere specialises in complex transactions and disputes, including due diligence, market entry advisory, ESG intelligence, multi-jurisdictional investigations, asset tracing, litigation support and intelligence-led security advisory. Headquartered in London, the team has over 20 years’ experience operating in frontier and emerging markets. Ukraine intelligence and security operations are serviced out of its office in Kyiv.

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