Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

Middle East & North Africa (MENA)


Uniquely, Audere has a Middle East presence and network that enables it to carry out all types of investigations.

We work alongside our clients to help them make informed decisions, determine commercial or legal strategies, resolve disputes, mediate risks and maximise successful opportunities by sourcing and analysing key strategic – and often undisclosed – intelligence.


The Middle East

With a population of around 578 million (including Turkey, Iran and Israel) and half of the world’s proved oil reserves, the MENA region provides significant business opportunities as a large market and a source of investment capital.
Countries in the region are ramping up efforts to upgrade infrastructure, particularly in health and education, address water shortages, catalyse economic growth by focusing on sectors with competitive advantages, support SMEs, develop their capital markets, and overall increase the added value of exported goods and services. Divergence in income, political and economic development, as well as legal and regulatory environments are challenges faced by businesses operating in the region.

What We Offer

Clients are provided with critical insights in dispute resolution, asset tracing, capital markets advisory including Islamic finance due diligence services.
We uncover business risks facing investors in contemporary Middle Eastern markets, including corruption, sanctions, political exposure, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Local Insights

Accessing Information

Obtaining accurate information is challenging in the Middle East. Databases are patchy with information in multiple languages and records stored offline.

Audere’s in country capabilities enable us to verify ground reality, obtain documents from digital and non-digital sources, substantiate facts and conduct analysis of the data in both Arabic and English.

Gaining Market Insight

The Middle East’s politics and economic landscape makes intelligence gathering vital ahead of exploiting a business opportunity or engaging local partners.

Audere combines public record research with confidential human source enquiries to access hitherto undisclosed information on the background, reputation and connections of partners, customers, potential employees, competitors and counterparties.

Risks of Regulatory & Legal Complexity

Operating and investing in the Middle East require complex compliance standards for licenses, approvals and taxation.

We help formulate compliance roadmaps, confirm standards and provide insight by guiding companies on how best to approach local authorities and regulatory bodies.

Personal Reputational Checks

Audere uses databases, networks and our investigational expertise to establish and confirm the market standing of individuals and companies.




  • Assessing the potential acquisition scenarios of a logistics company
  • Analysing the potential for a default of a sovereign bond
  • Advising international investment funds on their investments in the region in both public and private equities.


  • Providing insight on the possible bankruptcy settlement outcomes of a corporate bond issue
  • Mapping out the commercial risks for an international asset management company intending to operate in the region.

Case Studies

A global hedge fund required insight on an acquisition of a publicly listed local company. The task involved mapping out the acquisition process as well as delineating client actions at each stage of the process.