Indian Sub-Continent

Indian Sub-Continent


Obtaining accurate information is challenging in India: databases are patchy with information in multiple languages and records stored offline.

Audere’s local research team analyse public records and data in English, Hindi and a range of regional languages.

Our networks of contacts are supplemented by local investigators who verify ground reality, obtain documents from non-digital sources and substantiate facts.


Incredible India

India’s bustling streets is home to one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

The growing technological powerhouse has an emerging and affluent middle class which correspondingly make India an increasingly attractive destination for investors. 

Audere can help mitigate risk and unlock investment opportunities in India. 

What We Offer

India has a dense and intensely competitive market which makes intelligence gathering ahead of exploiting a business opportunity, or engaging local partners, vital. 

Uniquely among international competitors, Audere has a Mumbai office staffed to carry out local and international investigations. 

Local Insights

Accessing Information

Obtaining accurate information is challenging in India; databases are patchy with information in multiple languages and records stored offline.

Audere’s local research team analyse public records and data in English, Hindi and a range of regional languages.

If online records are unavailable or non-existent, we will send our investigators to obtain hard copies and conduct interviews to substantiate facts. Intelligence can also be gained from our wide informal networks. 

Gaining Market Insight

India’s intensely competitive market makes intelligence gathering vital ahead of exploiting a business opportunity or engaging local partners.

Audere combines public record research with confidential human source enquiries to access hitherto undisclosed information on the background, reputation and connections of partners, customers, potential employees, competitors and counterparties.

Risks of Regulatory & Legal Complexity

Operating in India requires complex compliance standards for licenses, approvals and taxation. Foreign companies are subject to FX and FDI regulations.

We confirm standards and provide insight on license requirements by guiding companies on how best to approach the authorities.


Business success relies on successfully navigating a culture where relationships are integral to every transaction. 

Our 26-person team have expertise in multiple industries and sectors.

Originating from states across the country and the wider subcontinent, our specialists understand the ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic complexities essential for understanding and building relationships. 



  • Proven the allegations of child-labour abuse against our client had been fabricated by an unethical journalist
  • Identified and helped remove criminals who had infiltrated our client’s company
  • Unearthed a kickback scheme in the company’s sourcing of garments. 

Due Diligence

  • Conducted an ESG Due Diligence that discovered a key piece of information that had not been disclosed to our client prior to the acquisition of a factory  
  • Identified the employee mislabelling diamond grades on purpose, resulting in huge losses for the company 
  • Due Diligence into our client’s business partner discovered he was indirectly responsible for the factory replicating our client’s product.  

Case Studies

Audere was retained by a Nordic state-owned telecoms firm to conduct an investigation into one of the suppliers of its Indian joint venture partner.
The local mafia in Maharashtra state were disrupting factory operations for a multi-national company; staff were violently threatened, and senior members of staff were reportedly forced to put gang members onto the pay roll.
A global cement manufacturer required due diligence on a cement factory in Madhya Pradesh prior to acquisition. The area was vulnerable to Naxal influence.
A world-renowned television channel broadcast a programme ‘exposing’ our client for child labour in one of their Indian factories. Our team was asked to identify the three children in the episode and investigate the allegations.