Central Eastern Europe

Central Eastern Europe


Audere’s team has decades of experience and knowledge in analysing Central Eastern European markets.
Within 30 years CEE countries have successfully transitioned to free market economies offering political stability and highly skilled workforce. However, operating in the region without understanding the paradigms of historical complexities, may pose risks to investors.


CEE Awakening?

Many of the 17 economies in the Central Eastern Europe (“CEE”) region are among the fastest growing markets in Europe, offering investors lucrative investment opportunities.

Audere helps clients to navigate the markets by providing timely, holistic intelligence.

What We Offer

Clients are provided with critical insights in negotiations, hiring decisions, internal investigations, dispute resolution and asset tracing.

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) checks, Enhanced Due Diligence and investigation services help uncover hitherto unknown reputation, business and financial risks.

Local Insights

Reliable Intelligence

Obtaining accurate information in CEE requires expertise and language skills: not many are offered in English and not all are available electronically.

Audere’s research team and local partners are trained to analyse records and source intelligence in the 17 languages spoken in Central Eastern Europe.

We verify facts on the ground and obtain documents from non-digital sources.

Risks of Regulatory & Legal Complexity

Despite the rapid regional economic growth, during the past years democratic and legal standards have declined in some CEE countries with higher political influence over legal bodies and an increased risk of corruption. 

Our compliance roadmaps and intelligence assist clients navigate the complex political and legal scenery of CEE.

Understanding how best approach local authorities and regulatory bodies as well as manage in country corruption risk are key to in reducing operational and reputational risks.

Market Insight

We combine public record and open source investigations with confidential human source enquiries, to access hitherto undisclosed information, on regional developments as well as including the background, reputation and connections of partners, competitors and counterparties.


Personal Reputation Checks

Audere uses databases, networks and our investigational expertise to establish and confirm the market standing of individuals and companies.

Case Studies

Our investigators worked on a highly discreet CEE investigation to identify organised crime figures from Russia and the CIS countries, who had infiltrated our client’s logistics operation with the goal of using the logistics hub for contraband and forcing employees to pay for “protection”.
Audere helped uncover an insurance fraud scheme that resulted in one of the largest cross-border, lawsuits seen in the West.