Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific


Audere’s team is bilingual in English and Mandarin, with ten years’ experience conducting intelligence investigations in East Asia and unrivalled expertise in the PRC, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

We work alongside our clients to help them make informed decisions, determine commercial or legal strategies, resolve disputes, mediate risks and maximise successful opportunities by sourcing and analysing key strategic – and often undisclosed – intelligence.


Hello Asia

East Asian societies conduct a substantial proportion of business through offline and informal channels – making it doubly important to dig beneath the surface in-country.

East Asia has never presented so much opportunity combined with so much risk. While the expansion of the Chinese middle class has led to unprecedented opportunities for wealth generation, investors face competing demands to obey contrasting political directives and ESG agendas from East and West.

Vietnam is becoming a manufacturing hub, but struggles with endemic corruption. Myanmar is a growth market mired in political turmoil. North Korea, formerly inward-looking, has begun to liberalise trade and investment.

What We Offer

While the instability of the Asia Pacific region is a function of the rapid development that drives higher returns, it leads to serious regulatory, financial and reputational risk without the right expertise – which Audere can provide.

Clients are provided with critical insights in negotiations, hiring decisions, internal investigations, dispute resolution and asset tracing.

We uncover business risks facing investors in contemporary East Asian markets, including corruption, sanctions, political exposure, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, corruption and links to sanctioned individuals.

Local Insights

Reliable Intelligence

East Asian economies are dynamic, but also volatile. The most important information is not available in English; key commercial relationships go unrecorded; and corruption, scandal, political exposure and mismanagement are often hidden beneath the surface.

Audere’s research team and local partners are trained to analyse records and source intelligence in Mandarin, English, and a range of other regional languages.

We verify facts on the ground, obtain documents from non-digital sources and identify informal transactions. This is supplemented by deep and dark web checks.

Market Insight

Intensely competitive markets in Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and China make intelligence-gathering vital ahead of exploiting a business opportunity or engaging local partners.

Audere combines analysis of public and privileged data with confidential human source enquiries to access hitherto undisclosed information on market developments, including the background, reputation and connections of partners, customers, potential employees, competitors and counterparties.

Regulatory Compliance

Operating in East Asia often involves navigating formal and informal relationships, with inconsistent regulation and unclear connections between state-sponsored and private activity.

This routinely exposes companies to corruption risks, such as money-laundering, organised crime, and FCPA and UK Bribery Act breaches.

We confirm standards, screen counterparties, and provide insight on compliance requirements by guiding companies on how best to approach partnerships and official interaction.

Enhanced Due Diligence

We are highly skilled in identifying ‘red flags’: issues that could cause reputational or financial damage.

Often this requires multi-jurisdictional investigation in East Asian languages. Our findings are key to informed decision-making.


Mining & Natural Resources

  • Source enquiries in the Chinese biofuel market to identify the impact of global production outages on pricing
  • Local investigation to detect corruption in the bidding process for a stake in a Mongolian state-owned mining enterprise.

Financial Services

  • Asset-tracing in Cambodia and Laos to support a high-profile debt recovery operation
  • Engaging with sources to gather intelligence on the government links of an individual with business interests in China and North Korea
  • Identifying the state-linked UBO of a Chinese company seeking to invest in a European education initiative.

Case Studies

Audere was tasked to investigate the background and asset portfolio of a high net worth prospective business partner to our client.
A client commissioned Audere to conduct due diligence on a prospective partner, a mining company based in the People’s Republic of China.