Humanitarian Aid Delivery to Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Audere International Ltd has been operating in Ukraine since the outbreak of the war supporting businesses, charities, and NGO’s to safely allow personnel to conduct work related activity in a contested environment. Through our Kyiv office and eleven regional hubs in Ukraine, we have not only been providing the full breadth of Risk Management Services, but also targeted support for the embattled local population. 

We have done so by reacting directly to the needs of Ukrainian people, initially funding the provision and delivery of 2 ambulances, including 2 tons of medical equipment. 

Ustyluh BCP, Ukraine

More recently we supplied £70k of basic life support equipment to the citizens of Mykolaiv, who had been subjected to eight months of Russian bombardment and ground assaults. The Audere team delivering the latest equipment donation drove across Europe, entering Ukraine via southern Moldova on 14 December. Later that day they presented the equipment, including 16x Jackery Explorer 1000w power supply units, 25x 5kva Petrol Generators, 10x Cast Iron Wood Burners, 25x Gas Cookers, 50x Arctic Sleeping Bags, 28x Blankets and assortment of cold weather clothing, direct to the local coordinating authorities in Mykolaiv. 

Unloading in Mykolaiv, December 2022

A further Audere sponsored delivery of essential equipment and clothing will take place in February. We would welcome any support from likeminded businesses or individuals who are committed to making a difference and delivering much needed aid direct to the people of Ukraine.

To learn more about how you can sponsor specific equipment requests, contact Oliver Blackmore ([email protected]), who is coordinating the Audere International Ukraine aid response.

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