People pose one of the greatest risks to companies. We verify the background and credibility of individuals as part of third party KYC. This process includes the on-boarding of directors and prospective clients, as well as checks on suppliers, agents and third party providers.


Our value-add is human source intelligence. We build on prior research, including all publicly available documentation, to establish credibility and identify vulnerabilities. We confirm information such as ultimate beneficial ownership (particularly in less transparent jurisdictions or in complex corporate ownership structures). We highlight potential ‘red flag’ issues on individuals and companies, including sources of wealth and whether directors and shareholders are Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) or have links to PEPs. Our reports identify any links to organised crime or behaviour deemed a breach of the FCPA or the Bribery Act.


Nominated Advisors for the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) are required to conduct due diligence on any company that the Nomad is sponsoring for a listing.  We have worked with Nomads for ten years in helping them fulfil this obligation.


Prior to any merger or acquisition a Client will conduct routine legal and financial due diligence. Audere recommends additionally commissioning an operational due diligence report to identify the less obvious risks concerning the target not usually covered by the deal teams’ lawyers and accountants. This includes the provision of information and intelligence around a deal, normally the target company, such as identifying other bidders and tendering syndicates’ strategy and connections.

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