Audere provides commercial intelligence.  This involves our sources and analysts finding public and non-public domain information about a market, a sector, companies and individuals which the Client utilises for their decision making.


We do this in two ways:  proactively, which is when we go ahead of a deal working at the early stage of negotiations, for example the due diligence on a prospective JV partner in another country, seeking to verify the information that our Client is privy to and establishing if any ‘red flags’ exist which they should be aware of before negotiations become too advanced.

And we work reactively, which is when Clients, and normally their legal counsel, have situations where Audere is required to investigate behind the scenes and identify information and intelligence linking events to people and transactions, tracing missing assets and providing evidence for the resolution of disputes.

The information we provide enables Clients to reduce the risk of an investment by being pre-warned about potential reputational problems.  Equally, the results of our investigations form part of the strategy which law firms use to help the ultimate Client recover missing assets and unravel sensitive and confidential situations.


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