About Audere

Combining confidentiality, objectivity and integrity with analytical thinking.

Audere is a specialist London-based commercial intelligence and investigations company with expertise across the Middle East, Africa, Russia, CEE, Central Asia and the Asia Pacific region, as well as the UK and North America.

We source and analyse hitherto undisclosed information and intelligence about individuals and companies to support our clients during commercial negotiations, in dispute resolution and to identify risks when investing overseas, whether prior to market entry, during the life of an investment, or at exit when certain contingent or hidden liabilities might be triggered.

Cross-border M&A transactions are a particular area of focus.

What Differentiates Us?

Source Network

Our biggest asset is the quality of our intelligence network.

We have unique sources in the offshore financial world, governments and the security services; and others with access to industry-specific insights.

We have cultivated long-standing, well-tested, trusted relationships across multiple jurisdictions.

Ultimately, our coverage reflects the needs of our Clients which requires us to be versatile and adaptable in utilising our global network.

Emerging Markets

Audere has over 20 years’ experience of operating in frontier and emerging markets.

The biggest challenge is sourcing independent and objective intelligence. This includes separating out the vested interests of individuals and local entities.

Local ‘insights’ can often be too partisan and our operatives are adept at triangulating information to establish the real facts.


Audere’s methodology, objectives and timelines are developed to reflect the bespoke needs of each client.

We are committed to ensuring open lines of communication with our clients, developing our approach to align with their requirements and expectations whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards.


Our house style is to produce competitively priced reports known for brevity and strong analytics. We do not regurgitate publicly available information.

Audere goes beyond database-generated research, instead triangulating data points, cross examining sources and contextualising local politics against the self-interest and commercial bias of third parties.

Our research analysts and Case Managers are experienced at methodically examining information and intelligence and asking the question ‘So What?’ before analysing it from multiple angles.

Audere’s vision is to provide highly focused insights to key decision-makers. Ensuring quality, trust, objectivity and discretion throughout.

Why Us?

It’s what you don’t know that affects your business and reputation. Our critical, timely intelligence fills the gaps so you can take informed risk-based decisions.

We uncover backgrounds and the facts which otherwise remain hidden, investigate and trace assets in foreign and complex jurisdictions.

Our Team

Charles Blackmore

Chief Executive Officer
Charles founded Audere International in 2015 as a specialist commercial intelligence and investigations company.

Teagan Erichsen

Teagan leads Audere’s research team and case manages complex due diligence and investigations assignments.

Monika Rihma

Director, Head of Russia, CEE & CIS
Monika has worked in the public and private sectors, including government service and at PwC, investigating political, commercial and security risks.

Peter Richardson

Associate Director
Peter is an Asia specialist who has spent 12 years studying and working in China.  For 6 years he was at the Ministry of Defence and Foreign Office.

Oliver Blackmore

Chief Operating Officer
Oliver brings a wealth of Africa knowledge where he spent ten years building and managing mining, security and logistics operations.

Majd Shafiq

Business Development Manager
An Arab public policy and capital markets expert, Majd held several positions in both the public and private sectors.

Ned Jacobs

Senior Research Analyst
Ned has an on-the-ground knowledge in Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe and the Middle East having spent an extensive amount of time in these regions.

Nikita Gryazin

Research Analyst
Nikita is a Research Analyst, with main focus on British, European, Russian and Central Asian jurisdictions.

Our Advisors

Sir David Wright, GCMG LVO

Strategic Advisor, Asia Pacific
Sir David Wright has over 55 years’ experience in Asian affairs. Fluent in Japanese, he spent 36 years in HM Diplomatic Service.

Sir David Logan, KCMG

Strategic Advisor
Sir David Logan was British Ambassador to Turkey from 1997-2001 and also served at the British Embassy there between 1965-1969. He is a fluent Turkish speaker.

Lady Olga Maitland

Strategic Advisor
Lady Olga has developed relationships which are key to businesses with over 35 years experience in security and governmental activities.

Sir Anthony Brenton, KCMG

Strategic Advisor, Russia
Sir Tony Brenton has dealt with Russia at a senior level for the past 25 years. He served twice as a senior British diplomat in Moscow.

Chris Holden, OBE

Strategic Advisor
Chris spent 28 years in HM Diplomatic Service in senior management positions dealing at high level with a variety of complex,

Alan Rosling, CBE

Strategic Advisor, Asia
Alan has profound experience as a senior executive, entrepreneur and advisor focused on complex growth markets, especially in Asia.

Tom Gaffney

Strategic Advisor
Tom has a wealth of knowledge in the financial services industry. In the past 30 year he has advised executive boards of multi-nationals,

Our Values

  • Accountability

    We analyse source intelligence with diligence, and we question and triangulate our research so we can stand behind it.
  • Boldness

    Audere signifies to venture, to dare, and to risk. With the right resources, skills, and determination, our team is prepared to test unchartered territory and ask difficult questions.
  • Creativity

    We use imagination to approach problems; think outside the box; find ways around issues - both in terms of the objective of the investigation and in the intelligence gathering and we deliver clear, penetrating insights to help clients make informed decisions.
  • Commerciality

    We are commercially minded and pro-transaction, not trying to be the unwieldy deal-stopper on behalf of tick-box compliance departments. We want to be part of successful client transactions. Equally, we will go the extra mile to protect a client’s commercial interests and reputation.
  • Integrity

    We are committed to upholding the highest standards and practices, taking ownership of our work and responsibility for our advice.
  • Receptivity

    Our team places emphasis on listening and absorbing critical information. As the ears and eyes of our clients, we are vigilant and supple in the way we respond to our environment. This enables us to be at the right place, at the right time, to identify the right subject.
  • Trust

    We instil trust amongst one another and with our clients by being honest, managing expectations and protecting sensitive information.
  • Quality

    We pride ourselves on our unique source network, our analysis and our deliverables. Reports are concise, clearly presented and our analysis anticipates the inevitable client question ‘So what?’

Knowledge is Power